“I don’t even know if I can adequately describe the full value of being a student at CAMA. When I initially decided to learn a martial art, it was to learn to defend myself. I wanted a place based on quality, and unfortunately, found many schools to be a bit too commercialized. Then I happened upon CAMA. It was apparent right from the start that this is a true teaching academy. There’s a certain sacredness for me about entering the dojo. CAMA doesn’t just teach techniques. It incorporates mind, body, and soul, and not a class goes by where I’m not challenged (physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually). There are endless opportunities to develop character, self-confidence, humility, wisdom, balance, awareness, respect, and the list goes on. Being a student here is priceless.”

-Monica, adult student


“It’s a real family feel at CAMA [Colorado Academy of Martial Arts]. We all want to see each other succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there two days, two months, or seventeen years.  As a police officer, I have used the martial arts skills I have learned several times to de-escalate dangerous situations.  One of the basic tenets of the school is to use no more force than necessary. You are not anticipating the movement, but you are prepared for it. I use that every day at work.  The skills I have learned carry over into other aspects of my life as well. Martial arts has also taught me to be more confident, and it has given me an activity to enjoy with my three children, all of whom take classes at CAMA.”

-Jason, parent and student


“My children and I have greatly benefited from the patience and kindness of the experienced instructors at CAMA. The encouraging atmosphere has helped our family develop confidence and skills that have affected all aspects of our lives. I cannot recommend CAMA highly enough.”

-Hilary, parent and student


“Having started my training 17 years ago at an elite Taekwondo School that focused on Olympic Style Sparring, I was looking to broaden my knowledge in the art of Jujutsu. I have found another elite school in CAMA. Their instruction is superior. Instructors are knowledgeable with many years of experience and their system is well thought out. I have come to appreciate the way in which Roemer Sensei has mentored his instructor group and passed down his decades of skills to those that teach class. While I have only trained for a year, we have learned so many things that my previous art did not teach me. This system is also very versatile – I love the idea of being able to use this system with empty hands, sticks or knives. I appreciate their friendly and courteous environment which has helped to promote my learning. I would recommend them to any martial artist.”

-Mark, adult student


“I love jujutsu!  I’m never signing out of this place!” 

-Peyton, age 6