People most often seek out martial arts to acquire self-defense skills. While personal protection is an understandable concern, the reality is there are many ways to get hurt in the world, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, that don’t involve an actual fight. Realistic practice of personal protection skills is also a vehicle for enhancing real life skills. As a result, students operate more safely and almost effortlessly throughout their everyday life.

Drawing from technique and tactics inherent in the study of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian disciplines and vetted by intuitive teachers who recognized the commonalities in these practices, our curriculum provides students with holistic skills that are both realistic and relevant. For over forty years, CAMA teachers have used a unique, trans-pacific approach utilizing age-old martial principles in concert  with a more “western” system of codification and presentation. This system prepares students physically as well as psychologically and emotionally for whatever challenges they may face in life. The end result is that our students can readily defend themselves in the event of a physical or verbal confrontation, but because of the way they operate and come to carry themselves, they are much less likely to be manipulated or targeted.

A CAMA class is a stimulating environment of education and growth. Students frequently describe CAMA as a respite from their hectic lives where they can focus on personal growth. We work with our students to improve athletic aptitude, increase awareness skills, and enhance the ability to maintain composure and defend themselves at critical levels of conflict. Training results in decreased stress, increased energy, body suppleness, mental flexibility, focus, and respect for one’s self and for others. We hold true a philosophy of excellence. We seek it for ourselves, and strive to guide students along the same path.

In the words of Appius Claudius, “Every man is the architect of his own future.” Your commitment to this philosophy will reward you with great personal success.