The CAMA team is delighted to have our updated website live. Over the past year we’ve spent a great deal of time deciding on the image we want to present to the world, which has included a fine-tuned message. Please take the time to read through the site and tell us what you think in the comments below.

While you are touring the site, you will hopefully notice some of the new and enhanced features. Here are a few of those features that we’d like to point out to you.

This blog!

Check back often to read about upcoming events, announcements, and martial arts insights. If you have something you would like to share with the CAMA community, let us know. We will try to publish pieces written by CAMA students and teachers as it is appropriate.


You can now see all upcoming classes in a slick new format.

Student login

The student login section is identical to what you’ve seen and used in the past. However, we have plans to add more content and resources to this section soon. It’s our goal to enrich your learning experience.

Case studies

Like most websites there is a testimonials section, but we weren’t satisfied with this simple addition. That’s why we interviewed a few students who have been with us for awhile and shared their stories.

A focus on children’s classes

One of our priorities at CAMA is to continue to improve our children’s curriculum and encourage more kids to enroll in our classes. As a step in that direction we added two pages of content with children in mind. Read Learning Sportsmanship through Martial Arts and Martial Arts for Children to see where we are headed. A special thanks to CAMA student Byron Holz and Josh Paul of Mind Body Arts Inc. for helping us to create this content.

Again, we would enjoy hearing from you. Please share your thoughts about the new website in the comments section.